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Shiba Puppies

Shiba PupThe origin of Shiba Inu is Japan. It is interesting to know that it’s the smallest dog that is originally bred in Japan.

Since 1992, Shiba Inu is recognized as a member of the American Kennel Club.

Shiba Inu puppies are cute little pet dogs that full of fur that are fully energetic. The common color of Shiba pups is red but it may be different colors as well. It is unique that they often have dark snouts no matter what color they are. Thus, it is often used as a stuffed toys model due to its universal appeal.

Shiba Inu are smart and have their own mind even they are still puppies. When selecting a pet Shiba, always decide on the intellectual of the pups and not the look. An intelligent dog can be well trained as they are the little territorial dog that can be slightly aggressive if offended. You should train the dog to socialize with other dogs or human that they never see before. If you have little kids at home, you may need to wait until your kids grow older before you get a Shiba despite their aggressive behavior sometimes.

If are interested in getting a Shiba, do not get it from any pet store. Most of the time reputable breeders do not want to place their dogs in pet store. If you really want a good quality dog, then you can often find a qualities Shiba puppy through professional breeders. One source of finding good breeders is through online communities such as forum where discussions are held. Many Shiba owners will recommend the quality breeders for you.

Shiba Inu can be a loving and loyal pet dog as well as watch dog if trained from the early age. This dog can be somehow show some negative characters and want their own way. Every Shiba owner should understand these tendencies and to train the puppy to obey commands as early as possible.

As when bringing your puppy home, the initial effort is to train the puppy start socializing with other family members and other pets, especially existing pets such as cats, dogs or other reptiles at home. Even Shiba prefers to be the only pet in the home but if it is introduced at an early age, it is a high chance that it will behave well with other dogs at home. Training is vital. Trainings can be created to help the dog feel safe and secure. All in all housebreaking is quite easy since the Shiba is very smart, and it can quickly adapt to the family well.

Besides home training, you should train your puppy to obey your command and behave well when outside the home. This can be done quite easily when they are still puppies. This will help your dog grow to be a happy and loving member of the family. If trainings are not provided during the younger age, the Shiba can be slightly stubborn in its temperament and harder to train when they grow. Always make sure the dog understand that you are the leader and commander in charge. Use incentives such as food and praises during training sessions because these tricks work well.

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