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Dog Training

Shiba Inu Exercises and ActivitiesShiba dogs are lively and active dogs. They require plenty of exercises every day for them to stay healthy. Typically Shibas are compact and muscular dogs that are ranges in sizes, however large Shibas may weight up to about 25 pounds. Thus sufficient amount of daily exercises are vital to keep them in good health and good temperament.

When your Shiba is still a puppy, basic exercises should be started. It is the most basic training of all. The exercises include teaching them to walk on a leash and socialize with other dogs or people that it may encounter. Since the Shiba’s temperament is quite protective and sometimes demanding it is important train your puppy to be able to socialize from an early age. This can be helpful and allow you to freely exercise your Shiba.

Shiba is a type of dog that needs plenty of spaces to run around and play. Idyllically a fenced yard should be provided as place where they move around freely without a leash. Since Shibas were originally bred as hunting dogs they love a good game of fetch.

From the feedback of pet owner, Shibas are intelligent dogs and able to learn fast. While Shiba may not like to do this exercise you are able to control your Shiba. They will learn from the daily routines that you have set up for them. It is important to have a proper daily routine that your dog can stick to, which includes daily exercise. A good practice of caring for Shiba is to make sure that you practice daily walks exercise with your dog from young age. Shibas are strong and have a lot of stamina. Like many other dogs, they are favor in playing catch over long periods of time. They enjoy outdoor activities but shouldn’t be left outside alone because they love to be part of the family.

A regular daily exercises should be maintained while they are still puppies. Please keep in mind that when playing with your Shiba, biting shall be avoided and prohibited. This might be troublesome as Shibas love to chew things and they like to play with people’s hands. This will be dangerous if they bite kids while playing.

All Shiba’s games that you should play with them should not encourage behavior like tug of war. Keep an eye on your children, teach them the proper ways to interact and play with Shiba puppy. You should stop your kids from the acts such as approaching the dog in a mean way or as if to hit the dog and never smack a dog. This can make Shiba to become an aggressive dog.

Keeping your Shiba exercised regularly can help to curb and reduce some of the aggressive behavior. Shibas are very territorial and make good guard dogs. You’ll want to ensure that they listen especially when you have guests. Appropriate exercises and training will make them listen to your commands.

If you are planning long exercises with your dog, try to bring along a portable dog water kit so they won’t feel exhausted. After each of the exercise, try to supply plenty of fresh water. Well-planned daily routine exercises can make sure your dog is in good shape of health.

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