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Shiba Care

Shiba CareShiba Food & Diet
For an adult Shiba dog, appropriate diet should be a cup of dry food a day. However, some dog treats can be provided as incentives especially during the training sessions. Do not try to feed them extra or it may cause weight problems.

Shiba Shedding
Shiba cares that you need to pay attentions is grooming which include brushing. The outdoor coatings of Shiba are double layered. Most of the time they shed the under-layer in the Spring and some other time during the year. During the shedding season, it is recommended to brush your dog once or twice a day to remove the excessive hair to promote shedding. A bath should be done during the second week of shedding to remove excessive hair.

The shedding process doesn’t take long. It is about 3 weeks. The coating issues of Shiba do not much care throughout the year. They are clean dogs, and do not require bath quite often, expect shedding period.

Shiba Exercise
Shiba is a kind of dog that likes to run around. Exercises become an important part of their daily routine. Some of their exercises include running within a fenced yard and walk on leash.

Shiba ID Protection as Security
In order to protect your Shiba, you should have your dog wear a collar with ID tag all the time. However, there are many dog owners prefer to place embedded chips into their pet for identification. This is better solution as a lost dog always loses its collar too.

If a lost dog with the chip is found, it can be scanned and checked with national database. This is helpful as your pet can easily be recovered if found.

With proper care and love, especially in maintain their good diet plan, proper exercises and training, your Shiba will be a healthy dog and become a happy member of your family.

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