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Health & Illness

Shiba IllnessShibas are sometimes relate to Akita as both are dogs originated in Japan and Shiba common known as the smaller version of the Akita, which is about 25 pounds when it reach adulthood. Shiba Inu is susceptible to various similar health issues that affect the Akitas.

Shiba Medications Allergy
There are several common health problems that always strike Shibas. Allergies to medication being the most common issue. As a responsible pet owner, your dog should receive proper vaccinations regularly from professional vets.

Whenever bring your dog to see a vet, you should always pay attentions to treatments that your dog going to have. Show your concern to the health of your Shiba and alert your vet that your pet is Shiba and sensitive to medications, stay in the vet’s clinic at least 30 minutes before you leave as a precautionary measure to ensure it has no negative reactions after medications.

Thyroid Problems
Another common health issue that Shiba may have is the thyroid problems. Thyroid problems vary and may cause several symptoms such as overweight or underweight. Serious thyroid problems can also lower the immune system.

Do not blame your Shiba if it has sudden change in its behavior and become aggressive. It may due to hidden thyroid problem. A better understanding on your your pet’s normal behavior patterns is important so that you can easily find out when something goes wrong. If it happen to be the thyroid disease, a proper medication can always resolve the issues that occurred.

Eye Defects & Vision Problems
Eye defects are the main reason that causes the degradation of Shiba’s vision. It is commonly found in this dog and should be checked by a veterinarian. When you buy a new Shiba puppy home, you should always take it to your vet for examination as soon as possible. The vet can do a thorough examination and make sure that there are no congenital defects or other problems that you need to be aware of, such as eyes defect. Proper medications will be provided by the vet if it is found with eye problems.

Food Allergic
Proper dog food feeding with dog dry food that contains well balanced amount of vitamins is crucial in keeping them healthy. Be aware of certain food that you buy from the store. Some dog foods are not suitable for dog as it may contain certain chemicals that may kill the dog in long term. Short terms problems seen would be the food allergic. A proper diet should be given to Shiba dogs. Dog Food Secrets written by Andrew is one of the well-written book that explain in details.

Generally Shiba is a sturdy dog that always stays fit. As long as proper care is provided, they are always healthy. If you need to study on how to keep your dog healthy and stay away from minor or major health issues, please refer to Malcolm Fields’s book – Dog Health Guide that is well-written on how you can deal with many health issues such as eye problems, ear problems, stomach and bowel disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, tooth and teething troubles, asthma and breathing woes, liver issues, older dog health concerns, or that pesky limp with a dozen possible causes and ways to treat them.

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