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Shiba Inu

Shiba InuShiba Inu is one of the recognized well bred dog. It is the smallest native Japanese breed with great hunting abilities which was trained to hunt wild boars. With its small and muscular look, alert and agile senses, definitely it is a universally appealing breed. The dog has broad forehead, small and dark eyes, and dark nose. The ears are triangular in shape. Shiba Inu is affectionate and loving if it is well trained. It can be a good companion as family member or a close friend.

Shiba has a feisty temperament and grows to weight about 25 pounds when fully grown. It is a family and watchdog that is very protective of its family. For this reason, when a guest is visiting you, you should be cautious on him. You should supervise on the dog as shiba inu can be aggressive towards a stranger.

Shiba is a smart and intelligent dog which most of the time can has its own mind. You always need to reinforce proper behavior during the training. Spending some time for a daily walk with Shiba is good for them as this dog is family oriented. Just be sure your shiba is one leash while walking in the public area.

Shibas are hardy little dogs that have a strong constitution and rarely get sick. Besides the cute look, this is one of the reason many are keen into having this pet. There are more information that I hope you may learn from this website about this dog.

Caring for Shiba Dog
The essential care guide for all Shiba dog owners on how to take care of Shiba

Shiba Puppies Information and Guide

The fact and information on Shiba and guide to take good care of them.

Shiba Training

Training guide and techniques that is needed for Shiba to behave well and listen to commands and orders.

Health & Illness of Shiba Dogs
The common illnesses that Shiba always get affected. Prevention guide to keep your puppy to stay healthy.

Shiba Rescue

Learn Shiba rescue efforts from non-profit organizations in the country and adopt free Shiba dog from these organizations.

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